518. Clever camera
© Bruce Goodman 12 March 2015

Leopold was skilled at fiddling with things and making them work again. He could fix clocks. He even fixed a mechanical metronome.

It was no surprise when he invented a thief-proof digital camera. How it worked was relatively simple: before a photo could be taken, a secret switch was pushed to turn off the implanted bomb, otherwise the camera would explode and the thief’s head would splatter to smithereens. It was clever. A thief would/could try it only once!

Leopold couldn’t test his device of course. He had to wait for a thief. That’s why he left his camera lying about. If a thief broke into the house, the camera would be the first thing they’d see and steal.

No doubt, dear reader, you can guess the ending! A thief did break into Leopold’s house. They took well-nigh everything. Except the camera.

Leopold would report this to the police. He would record the evidence. He was devastated. He forgot the switch.

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