618. To bed! To bed!
© Bruce Goodman 20 June 2015

Finn had gone to bed early. Tomorrow morning he needed to rise at 5.00 am to catch a bus.

And so it was “to bed, to bed, you sleepy head” at 9 pm.

Finn woke at 1.30 am. He wasn’t the slightest bit tired. But he had to sleep. He had to sleep. He tossed and turned. He turned again. It was now 2.45 am.

He visited the bathroom. He straightened the bed sheets and blankets. He lay there. It was now 3.25 am. He re-arranged his pillow.

He could see the time in the dark on the digital clock. How slowly the minute numbers changed. Perhaps if he read a bit from his book. It was now 4.14 am.

He read for five minutes and turned out the light. He had to sleep. He had to sleep. Only ten minutes now before 5 am. Then he could get up. What a relief that will be.

Only five minutes left!

Only two minutes!

Thank goodness! It’s…


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