601. Burgled
© Bruce Goodman 3 June 2015

When Gwyneth and Gus and their young son, Nicholas, arrived home one evening, they discovered their house had been burgled.

The thief must’ve had kids because hardly a thing was touched except for some of Nicholas’ stuff. His toys were in a mess, for example. They were scattered all over the floor. It was impossible to tell what had been pinched. That was in the living room.

The kitchen/dining room was an equal mess. There was spilt sugar and spilt milk. Almost as if the thief had sat down and had a meal.

“It’s not so much what’s been taken,” said Gwyneth, “it’s the fact that some stranger has been in the house and rummaged through our things.”

The bedrooms were also a mess. The bed in the master bedroom was roughed up, but they couldn't see anything that was stolen. And then in Nicholas’ room there was…


"There’s the thief! There she is asleep in my bed!" cried Nicholas the Baby Bear. "It's Goldilocks!"

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