462. The professor
© Bruce Goodman 15 January 2015

Professor Braxton Theodor Folster was an historian; a famous historian. He was the world’s expert on Napoleon, among other things. There was nothing about Napoleon he didn’t know. He lectured at Oxford University and Harvard about Napoleon.

He was also an expert at genealogy, and had investigated the family tree and given a copy of his findings to all his wider family as a Christmas present.

Anyway, he died. At the Pearly Gates he wasn’t greeted by Saint Peter at all; there were thousands of people there, all waiting for his arrival – headed by Napoleon of course. Napoleon was wearing his special hat for the occasion.

Napoleon spoke on behalf of everyone present:

Welcome to heaven, Professor Braxton Theodor Folster! Just so you don’t get too big a shock when you go inside, we’d just like you to know beforehand that you got everything wrong.

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