448. Off to visit grandma
© Bruce Goodman 1 January 2015

So, here I am on the way to visit my grandmother. I’m the sole granddaughter. I’m actually – this is true – I’m actually taking a basket of freshly made scones. It has a little red and white check napkin over the top. I must look a little like Little Red Riding Hood! Except I’m not wearing a red cape. I’m just wearing old jeans and a cotton top. It’s a light pastel mauve, if you must know.

Here I am now at a pedestrian crossing. I’ve just pushed the button and have been waiting for about three minutes for the…

Oh my God! Look at the guy over there waiting to cross onto my side. He must be in his early twenties. He’s about as sexy as they get. I’ll have to pretend I’m not going to cross but I’m waiting here for something. Perhaps if I drop the basket just as he…

The lights have change. The cross sign is on! He’s crossing! I’m trying to look casual, like I’m thinking, like I don’t know what direction I’m meant to go, like I’m… This could change my life!

He’s here!!! He’s passing by. He’s unbelievably handsome. He hasn’t even noticed me. He’s…


Oh well, as I said, here I am on the way to visit my grandmother.

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