493. Car crash
© Bruce Goodman 15 February 2015

Myrtle wondered what the world was coming to; a man had crashed his car into the Bank. The news report didn’t say what Bank, but presumably he was a robber and by crashing into the wall was going to take the money and run. Myrtle supposed the car was stolen in the first place.

Sadly, the man was killed. So no money got pinched. At first, Myrtle felt a bit guilty. Her immediate thought had been “Hurrah! That’s the end of another wretched criminal”. But then she thought she should be a little more charitable. The man was dead, after all, and probably had a family. He could’ve been desperate and was simply trying to get some money to feed his kids. Who knows?

Her husband had left for work, and thank goodness he didn’t work in the Bank, but he worked next door to the Bank and Myrtle wondered if she should give him a call and ask if it all happened right next door to his work place. Then she thought, dear me, don’t be so nosey.

The next thing Myrtle knew, there was a knock at the door. It was the police. Her husband had been killed in an accident. The car had skidded in loose gravel on a country road and crashed into the bank.

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