806. Christmas gifts
© Bruce Goodman 25 December 2015

Samantha wasn’t rich, but she was comfortable enough. She wasn’t that popular either. She had a few friends, but they weren’t deep friends, more acquaintances. They were enough company. She liked her own space.

She had a brother who had a family and lived somewhere way over in another place. They phoned each other for Christmas and birthdays. That was always nice. These days, Samantha was retired. She lived alone.

Christmas wasn’t a problem, but she was always a little disappointed that she didn’t get any gifts. She came up with a plan.

Quite frankly, her kitchenware was getting tatty. She needed a new colander, and new wooden spoons. The can opener was passed it, as was the corkscrew. The pots had seen better days. The oven cloth was burned in patches. The tea-towels were stained and faded.

Giving money to an acquaintance who loved shopping, she ordered all these things. “And wrap them up in Christmas paper,” said Samantha.

The gift parcels arrived! Samantha placed them under her Christmas tree.

Christmas morning dawned! Samantha brewed some coffee and toasted some crumpets. They were dripping with wonderful butter!

She sat in an armchair and opened her gifts one by one.

Her gifts were a delight!

Happy Christmas!

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