794. To the rescue
© Bruce Goodman 13 December 2015

Milton was going for a relaxing stroll along the wharf. It was Thursday. He had an hour off for lunch. He’d had a fairly intense meeting all morning. Some of those little upstarts working in the office could be difficult to manage at times, especially being a law office. They were intelligent but quite, quite full of themselves. Some of them thought because they’d once read a book they had an infinite knowledge of law.

So it was nice to stroll along the wharf in the sunshine and breathe a little fresh sea air. Suddenly…

“Help! Help!” There was a person in the water. They had fallen off the wharf. They were drowning.

“Quick!” shouted Milton to a couple of passers-by. “Quick! There’s a person drowning!”

A young chap dived into the sea water and rescued the drowning lady. Why! The young chap was one of those troublesome young know-all lawyers from his office.

Milton would’ve jumped in and saved the woman himself, but he was wearing his best Italian-made shoes.

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