791. Job application
© Bruce Goodman 10 December 2015

Jonathan applied for a job at the weather place: the Meteorological Office. There were over two hundred applicants. Goodness! What chance did Jonathan have? So many of the applicants had climatic skills equal to Jonathan’s.

The interviews were held. The applicants were whittled down to ten. Jonathan’s name was among them.

Further interviews were scheduled. Two applicants were named. Jonathan’s name was one of the two. Yes! Yes!

And in the end, guess who got the job? Guess who! Guess who! Jonathan! It was Jonathan!

When push came to shove both candidates were identical in knowledge and experience. Both had breezy personalities. Both were industrious. But Jonathan had the edge. He had listed ballroom dancing as one of his interests. It was something the other candidate lacked.

Jonathan literally waltzed in.

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