556. Inheritance
© Bruce Goodman 19 April 2015

Christine and Ernie’s two grown-up kids were furious.

For many years after their marriage, Christine and Ernie had scrimped and saved. They brought up their two children, and managed to save enough money to purchase the place of their dreams. It was a lovely house on several acres of land. A life-style property. On it they had a vegetable and flower garden, two donkeys (which they lent out to the local church every Christmas for a parade), and half a dozen sheep.

Then for years they had the mortgage to go with it. Ernie worked for the railways as a welder, and Christine cleaned the classrooms at the local school. But at last everything was paid off, and the children had flown the nest. Christine and Ernie continued to work, but it was time to enjoy their lifestyle. And enjoy it they did! For about ten years.

Then, sadly, Ernie passed away after a short illness.

Christine tidied the place up and sold it for a pretty penny. She bought a cheaper place “in town”. It still had a pretty garden, but didn’t carry the responsibility of looking after animals and keeping a large property up to scratch.

Then Christine got the travel bug. She travelled to France, to Spain, to Germany. She visited North America.

“Mum, you’re spending too much money,” said her two grown-up kids.

“It’s my money,” she said.

“It’s our money too, when you go,” said the kids.

Christine did die in the end. There was no money left.

Christine and Ernie’s two grown-up kids were furious.

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