340. Salmon tasting
© Bruce Goodman 15 September 2014

What a fabulous catch! What a delightful opportunity! A splendid chance! An absolutely spiffing prospect!

Dolores, Eloise and Jemima were friends. They belonged to the Salmon Society. They were experts at salmon. Their salmon palates were as subtle as wine connoisseurs. Only once a month would they have salmon, for they liked other food as well. But they had a penchant for salmon.

And then came the letter! From the university! Scientists had been breeding salmon under different controlled conditions for three years. Could they be the official salmon tasters, and choose the tastiest for future development? They would get paid, of course. And quite well. Just one salmon meal each week, for a year.

Dolores, Eloise and Jemima were beside themselves! Imagine! But after a few weeks of salmon tasting (they couldn’t change the recipe nor add a sauce) the enthusiasm waned. They still wrote their weekly review. Of course! Of course they did!

They would dine out every week on the salmon wage: usually Dolores ordered lamb, Eloise the beef, and Jemima the orange duck.

The cat got the salmon. And the university, at the end of the year, got a very detailed report.

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