383. Heath lay in bed
© Bruce Goodman 28 October 2014

Heath lay in bed. Too much was going through his brain to get to sleep. He’d been thinking of that song that goes, “Baby I’ve been watching you”. That’s what he could do: combine counting sheep with “Baby I’ve been watching you”.

There she is now. It looks like she’s got a sheep on top of her head. Like her hair’s all frizzed up like wool, and black. Like a black sheep that hasn’t lost its wool for about twelve years. Baa baa black sheep three bags full…

And then there are her breasts, both covered by woolly sheep. Like she’s wearing a bikini but made of sheep. That’s one two three sheep.

And then there’s the spot. It rhymes with spot and partly half looks like twaddle all covered by a sheep. And then…



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