365. First birthday tomorrow
© Bruce Goodman 10 October 2014

David’s first birthday was coming up. He wasn’t really wanted. His parents had foolishly thought that if they had a baby it might solve the difficulties they had in their marriage. Of course, it didn’t solve a thing. If anything, it made the problems ten times worse.

The birthday wasn’t until tomorrow, but they were having a party today because it was Sunday. Jock invited a few of his friends around, and Fiona invited a few of her friends; plus the grandmother of course.

Once they’d had a few drinks, Jock went off with his mates to the pub. Fiona got drunk on gin and her friends left early.

Grandma was left with little David. They played some games and sang some songs. Then grandma put a big candle on a cake and they blew it out. (The candle, not the cake.) They had fun. He loved his grandma.

Jock came home drunk, and grandma took little David home with her as she always did.

As far as anyone knows, drunken Fiona and drunken Jock were in the bedroom trying to make another one.

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