359. Winning hamper
© Bruce Goodman 4 October 2014

Suzanne was thrilled to bits! Absolutely! She’d just had a phone call to say she’d won the Christmas Hamper raffle run by the Save the Trees on Warwick Grove Campaign. She’d never won a raffle in her life! Never!

A Christmas Hamper! She had three children to feed, all teenagers. They ate her out of house and home. She had little enough money coming in. A Christmas Hamper was just what the doctor ordered.

Bring your ticket when you pick it up, the man said on the phone.

Suzanne couldn’t find the ticket. Usually she pinned such things on the calendar in the kitchen. It wasn’t there. It just wasn’t there.

She searched her purses (she had three). She searched the car. She searched the pockets of her clothes. She asked her kids. The ticket was nowhere to be found.

Off she went to the office of Save the Trees on Warwick Grove Campaign. I’ll just have to explain, thought Suzanne. They’ll understand. It’s got my name and address on the raffle ticket stub anyway. I’ll simply show them some ID.

The man in the office of Save the Trees on Warwick Grove Campaign was a total prick. There’s no telling how much he enjoyed the Christmas Hamper himself that Christmas.

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