413. Baloney and Ice Cream
© Bruce Goodman 27 November 2014

And they used to be so happy. Brett (husband and father) was always the epitome of fun and graciousness. Jane (wife and mother) was always the model of joy and generosity. The three children (Ross, Charlotte, and Pearl) were good children. And happy.

Today, Brett wouldn’t have anything to do with Ross, who had come out of the closet.

Jane had a disagreement with Charlotte’s husband and they never make an appearance these days. In fact, she had never laid eyes on her two grandchildren.

Brett didn’t agree with Pearl living with her boyfriend. And besides he was a drug addict, said Brett.

Jane and Brett argued, because they both in their own way had split the family.

Jane wasn’t cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving. In fact, they weren’t celebrating Thanksgiving at all. What was there to be thankful for? And there was only the two of them.

Quite frankly (dear Readers) it was a damn mess. But this is a story, and it is Thanksgiving after all.

So... (and why not?)

Charlotte packed her husband and two kids in the car and drove to her parents’ place.

Ross took his man-partner and drove to his parents’ place.

Pearl took her partner and drove to her parents’ place.

They all took risks. They all arrived at the same time. There were tears all over the show. Absolutely sodden wet and bawling, blah, blah, blah.

There was no turkey and no pumpkin pie. They had baloney, mashed potato and ketchup. Followed by ice cream and a few left-over strawberries. Word has it that it was the best Thanksgiving meal in the whole of the United States.

Happy Thanksgiving! all you American folk out there.

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