218. Aunty Flo comes to stay
© Bruce Goodman 16 May 2014

How exciting! Aunty Flo, with Uncle Bill, is coming to stay the night for the first time. She lives in the big city, miles away. We hardly ever see her, and she is such fun. We live way, way, way in the country, down a dirt road. Us kids never get to town to see Aunty Flo and Uncle Bill.

They have arrived! Aunty Flo was so funny. She kissed us all, and said she was amazed that we had electricity in this place, because we lived so far from anywhere. She said she nearly was going to bring a big box of candles just in case.

Us kids had dinner early and Mum and Dad and Aunty Flo and Uncle Bill were sitting at the table having a whiskey before their dinner. Then the electricity went off. Aunty Flo screamed with laughter and said she was right about the electricity after all. Mum lit some candles and said she hadn’t even started to cook their dinner yet. Us kids were shunted off to bed.

Today, when I got up, the four of them were still sitting at the table drinking whiskey and waiting for the electricity to come on. They were busy telling stories and shrieking with laughter. They hadn’t even had dinner. Mum said they were “catching up”.

Aunty Flo and Uncle Bill haven’t left to go home yet.

“I thought they were going home today,” I said to Mum.

“They’ve decided to stay an extra night, dear,” said Mum. “They’re a bit tired.”

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