212. Jeremy says a naughty word
© Bruce Goodman 10 May 2014

Jeremy had just left the supermarket exit in his car. He always volunteered to get the weekly groceries. With twin babies at home, it was the least he could do. In fact, if the truth be known, he wasn’t so much being generous to his wife by getting the groceries every week; it was more that he was giving himself a break from the screaming babies.

Anyway, he had just left the supermarket exit in his car. No traffic today. He could easily turn onto the street and speed home.

“Blast!” he remembered as he turned into the street, “I meant to get some razors.”

He had this brief thought that he might get some razors for shaving the following week. No! He turned the car around, dashed into the supermarket and bought some.

He went back to his car. He reached the supermarket exit. There seemed to be some sort of traffic holdup on the street. Maybe an accident down the road or something. He was the first car waiting at the exit.

It was extreme summer. Hot. High humidity. He couldn’t leave the car. He sat there for four and a half hours. Jeremy said a naughty word. Or two.

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