204. To bee or not to bee
© Bruce Goodman 2 May 2014

Russell was passionate about bees. Ever since he was a kid, he was interested in bees. Being an apiarist was all he ever wanted to be.

When he was nine he started a bumblebee hive. He didn’t keep them for the honey; he kept them as pets. He could watch them through a glass lid at the top. The glass-lidded hive was in his bedroom, and the bees came and went along a polythene pipe that ran to outside his window.

Then he got a honeybee hive. Then two. By the time he was sixteen he had thirteen hives and was ready to leave school. He began to place his hives around various farms and orchards in the area. With permission of course. He had over two hundred hives and a honey processing shed. At last! He was a real beekeeper!

Then he met Adeltha (called Dell). They were very much in love, love, love.

“Dell is the one for me,” said Russell.

Adeltha was allergic to bee stings. A sting could kill her in minutes. Russell sold his hives and milked cows.

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