164. Airport departure
© Bruce Goodman 23 March 2014

Geraldo was at the airport. He’d flown in from Charlotte, NC, and landed in Miami, FL. He was to catch the plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, to his grandmother’s. They had announced boarding:

Passengers to Tegucigalpa are now boarding at Gate 27.

Geraldo couldn’t find Gate 27. He asked one lady who looked at him like he was from outer space, and replied in Spanish. He was too scared to ask anyone else. His Spanish was no good. He would have to learn Spanish in Tegucigalpa though. His parents had been killed in a car crash in the Carolinas and he was to live with his Gran in Honduras.

Passengers boarding at Gate 27 are reminded that the gate is now closed.

Geraldo sat down and cried.

A nice couple came up and asked him what was wrong. Could they help? They were lovely. They were kind. Geraldo explained what had happened. They would help him, they said. He hasn’t been seen since.

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