252. Great-Granny surfs
© Bruce Goodman 19 June 2014

Sweet Great-Grandma had learnt to use the internet. She was all of eighty-three. She loved to read (with the aid of reading glasses of course) all the blogs created by her grand- and great-grandchildren. How creative they were! How knowledgeable! How clever!

Her favourite blog was Naomi’s. Naomi wrote lovely little stories for children. Such sweet tales! Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks all rolled into one.

One day she got an email: “Great-Grandma! Why are you following Naomi’s blog? It’s disgusting.”

“Disgusting, my foot,” thought Great-Grandma. She clicked onto Naomi’s site. Some hacker had hacked. It contained the most graphic porn. What Hansel and Gretel didn’t do! What Goldilocks wouldn’t try! And the Big Bad Wolf and the Troll together under Billy Goat Gruff’s bridge!

“I found it momentarily interesting,” said Great-Grandma, “but the novelty soon wore off. In the long run, I prefer the original stories.”

The porn remained online. Naomi had lost heart and interest, and had taken up knitting colourful ponchos with alpaca wool. Grandma’s “likes” remained on the stories however. She couldn’t take them back. The world was gob-smacked that sweet Great-Grandma would dare to so publically “like” such pornographic stuff.

Great-Grandma didn’t greatly mind. “I like to think the spy agencies are wasting their time trying to track me down,” she said.

(P.S. Naomi’s Blog can be viewed HERE)

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