250. Quiet Sunday
© Bruce Goodman 17 June 2014

The family always went to church on Sundays. Little Jason hated it (having to get dressed up and get in the car and go off to the church) when he could have played outside instead. The only thing he liked about church was the scones his mother made once they got back home. They were baking hot, and running with butter and strawberry jam.

This particular Sunday was different. His parents were very quiet in the car on the way to church. They always chatted. They were just as quiet on the way home. When they came back, Jason’s mother didn’t make any scones.

When Jason and his brothers and sisters sat down at the table later for a bread-and-butter lunch, no one talked much. And Jason’s father wasn’t there. He had “gone out”. He still had “gone out” when Jason went to bed that evening.

The next morning his father was home and left for work.

As the days and weeks went on, gradually talking and noise crawled back into the household. Things seemed to be better. It was normal again.

Jason liked it like that.

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