98. Hospital Visit
© Bruce Goodman 16 January 2014

Noel was in hospital. When he filled out and signed the pre-admission form, he wasn’t sure if he was an atheist or an agnostic. In the end he put “Prefer not say”.

It was therefore a matter of angst for his dear agnostic wife when Noel told her that he looked forward each week to the hospital visitation of the Christian chaplain, Marjory. Marjory would arrive at his bedside and suggest that perhaps he might like to change his agnostic (or was it atheist?) mind, and commit the remaining shortish portion of his life to the Lord Jesus.

“God knows!” he said, “I have only a few weeks left.”

“And”, said Marjory, “it’s never too late. Commit your life to the Lord and be saved. As it says in Luke’s Gospel Chapter 18, about the man at a distance who beat his breast and said Lord have mercy on me...”

“Yes,” nodded Noel.

“...a sinner. Unlike the Pharisee who...”

“I like it,” nodded Noel.

“...stood proudly up the front...”

“Perfect,” nodded Noel.

Chaplain Marjory left his hospital bedside. Noel remained relatively unrepentant.

“Why do you put up with that? Why do you look forward to that each week?” asked Noel’s disbelieving wife.

“She fluffs my pillows up while she talks,” said Noel. “I look forward to it. She does it to perfection.”

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