113. You make me sick
© Bruce Goodman 31 January 2014

Gudrun smoked.

Gina didn’t.

Neither Gina nor Gudrun knew each other.

Gudrun stopped at the service station to buy some cigarettes. Gina was behind him in the line.

“How can you smoke?” ranted Gina. “It’s disgusting. You should think about your health. It’s totally irresponsible. Think of your family, and what it’s costing the health system. Get a grip on your life. You stink and it’s repulsive and you’re a loser. You make me sick.”

Gudrun paid for his cigarettes and left. He got in his car. His friend in the car asked: “Who was that woman you were talking to in there? The really fat one with the three hamburgers and an ice-cream?”

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