109. Hat for a Wedding
© Bruce Goodman 27 January 2014

Isabel had purchased an outfit to wear at her daughter’s wedding. Everything was co-ordinated so that the mother-of-the-bride didn’t clash with the bridesmaids’ colours. Isabel’s dress was light brown with a green leaf pattern. Not too busy mind you; simple enough to be striking; patterned enough to be... stunning. The shoes were a matching leaf-brown. The only thing she didn’t have was a hat.

She had gone from milliner to milliner – hat shop to hat shop – shopping-spree day after shopping-spree day. There was no hat in existence that matched Isabel’s outfit. She thought she should change her shoes and dress, but the price of a second outfit was prohibitive. Besides, she adored her brown-green-leaf combination.

The wedding day drew near. She still didn’t have a hat to wear. Quite frankly, from Isabel’s point of view, her hatlessness was ruining the excitement she could have experienced as a lead up to the wedding.

The day arrived. It was time to leave for the wedding garden venue. What to do? What to do? I shall go hatless, she thought. Her husband grabbed her old straw gardening hat and plonked it on her head.

It was perfect.

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