100. 23rd century blog
© Bruce Goodman 18 January 2014

(This is my 100th daily story – without a break. To celebrate, I’m including a picture of my dog.)

This story is a 23rd century blog.

Hi, my name is Zhar Zhar 26918. This is my first blog (giggle). I have chosen the name Gadgets are Cute for my blog, because I’m interested in old things and collect them, especially from the 21st century. I will perhaps post more pictures of some of my collection as time goes by.

Here is a picture of what in the 21st century was called a truck driver. A truck driver had a thing that it would stick into a person and they would make a baby. Yuck! We don’t need to do that anymore.

Here is a picture of a machine for washing. I think they must’ve put the baby inside it somehow for a wash. It has a cord with three metal prongs at one end. I’m not sure what that was for, but it may have been to somehow fasten the baby to the machine??? At least, that’s what Wikipedia suggests, and they’re usually right. Or it could be part of the prong that they used to make the baby?

Here is a postcard of a person. LMFAO!!!!! Look at the size of her machine!!!!!!! I think the person is doing what they called “texting”. It was when you put information into the machine and it told you how many people liked you. I presume the information was inserted manually, that is, by the truck driver. LOL.

Finally, here is a picture of a truck driver in the 21st century who was heading for 70 years old. Back in the olden days, they kept old people and disabled people alive. I’m not sure why.

Next time I’ll show you pictures of my tats. As you know, they distinguish me from all the other clones. That, and the piercings.

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