446. Something strange
© Bruce Goodman 30 December 2014

Something strange was happening. The first ten years of Richard’s marriage had been alright. Then things were really bad. Not a pleasantry exchange for the next two years.

Now, suddenly, Doris was as nice as pie. She couldn’t be nice enough. Something’s up, thought Richard.

Was there another man on the scene? Was she having a secret affair? He hired a private detective to follow her. It cost an arm and a leg. The detective found nothing, and was a blinking idiot. Twice he’d called into the house to give a report, when Doris was home. Would you believe? Both times, Richard had to invent an excuse on the spot as to who this guy was and what he was doing in the house.

Next thing, Doris announced she was going on a Caribbean cruise. Where she got the money for it Richard had no clue. But he was glad to see the back of her. It would give him a break from her smarmy, unctuous, wily smiles.

He got a post card from Trinidad and Tobago. Just one. They were enjoying the cruise. They? He never heard from her again. Richard didn’t care. If that useless detective couldn’t tell him who “they” were then he’d never know.

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