419. Whale of a tale
© Bruce Goodman 3 December 2014

Arion, of Ancient Greece, was a musician of consummate ability. He could play the lyre like it was going out of fashion. He could sing too. The music didn’t bring in much money.

Back in those days the music industry was in its infancy. One had to appear in person. You couldn’t “cut a record” or even record something on video. So Arion used to enter every music competition there was, in order to put food on the table.

One day he sailed by boat to some prestigious music event and came first. He got bags of gold.

Travelling back home, the captain of the ship grew greedy and threw Arion overboard. The captain stole Arion’s gold.

But as luck would have it, Arion was saved by dolphins. While he was on the back of a dolphin (being saved) Arion had a thought. This thought could make him heaps of money.

Today he hunts whales for the Japanese Government. It’s part of their “Scientific Research” programme. When the scientists finish with the whale, Arion sells the meat on the Japanese market. He’s as rich as buggery and threw away the lyre.

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