300. It was the 300th story
© Bruce Goodman 6 August 2014

It was the 300th story on the blog, on the 300th consecutive day. Natalie sighed. Should she perhaps stop responding to the comments made daily on the blog?

It had been almost two months now since her husband had suddenly passed away. It was his blog. He liked to be ahead; in fact months ahead. When his heart gave way on the back lawn as he rushed out to shoo away the blackbird that was pecking off the stems of his newly planted delphiniums, Natalie thought she’d leave the blog as is. Let the daily postings continue until they run out. He had already set them to be automatically posted each day. Natalie didn’t realize that she would have to answer other bloggers’ daily kindly comments.

She thought, well, it’s a way of coming to terms with her husband’s death. She would spend a few minutes each day answering comments and continuing her husband’s “likes”. Occasionally, out of interest, she composed a daily story herself, to replace her husband’s (such as today).

But there were still months of daily postings yet to go. Natalie decided she would wait until the 365th story, and then review the matter.

Then there were the erotic stories yet to come. They were a little over the top; a little too risqué. Natalie wasn’t surprised his heart gave out. Should she wipe these stories, and replace them with something a little nicer?

“Leave all as is,” she thought. “Happy 300th story! Rest in peace, and roll on tomorrow.”

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