298. Sperm count
© Bruce Goodman 4 August 2014

Nicola wasn’t just avid; she was rabid. She had read that the average male will produce roughly 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime. That is an utterly irresponsible number of potential people. No wonder the planet is overcrowded.

When she went shopping and stopped for a nice luncheon at Sadie’s Kitchen, she counted the males sitting at the tables. There were 17. That’s… that’s… (she had to scribble the mathematics on her napkin) that’s… 8925 billion potential people all crammed into the little café. And roughly half of them would turn out male. Just in two generations, that’s 17850 billion people. No, that’s wrong. She had to ask for another napkin. That’s… 2342812.5 billion people in Sadie’s Kitchen. Yuk! Unbelieveable!

Nicola felt claustrophobic. She couldn’t finish her lunch. The sooner cloning comes in the better.

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