201. Oh Golly Gosh!
© Bruce Goodman 29 April 2014

Penny and Vonnie were next door neighbours. They had been neighbours for four years. They got on really well. They were forever chatting over the garden fence.

It was one of those strange coincidences that happens once in a while: unbeknown to the other, they both kept blogs. Penny was known as A Penny for Your Taunts and Vonnie as My Vonnie Lies Over the Ocean. On the web they communicated quite often and gave each other “likes”.

One day, they were talking and discovered that they knew each other both personally over the fence, and online. What a laugh!

They decided to go on a picnic together, each taking their two young children. They found a beautiful spot in the park. They had lovely food. The song birds were singing in the trees. The water fountain sparkled in the sunshine. Their little children played Ringa Ringa Roses and fell down laughing. The perfect day! Idyllic. The two couldn’t stop talking about each other’s blogs. They discussed how to increase the number of hits.

Vonnie told Penny that she had read of a way to do it: “They say you can greatly increase the number of hits simply by putting a swear word in the title.”

Penny said, “We shall see.” Next posting she said more that Oh Golly Gosh!

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