196. Hygroscopic Kaleidoscope’s Blog
© Bruce Goodman 24 April 2014

Adele was fourteen. She was a promising student. She loved to write. She kept a blog. On her blog she posted her poems and stories and thoughts. Her blog’s name was Hygroscopic Kaleidoscope.

One day, her English teacher gave an assignment to write a story about a girl and her blog. Adele had already written and posted a story about a girl and her blog, so she copied that off and gave it to the teacher.

The teacher was a careful person. She found Adele’s story on the net via a search engine, written and posted by Hygroscopic Kaleidoscope. At the bottom of Adele’s assignment, she wrote THIS IS COPIED OFF THE NET. YOU’RE A CHEAT.

Adele explained to her teacher that she (Adele) was Hygroscopic Kaleidoscope.

The teacher said, “Not only are you a cheat, you’re a liar as well.”

Adele never wrote another thing. She left school at an early age and got a job at Burger King.

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