181. Elopement
© Bruce Goodman 9 April 2014

Christina and Dominic had been best friends since the age of eleven. Back then, he would let her ride his bike. He would carry her school bag.

Now they were all of nineteen, and Christina’s parents had said she was not to marry until she was twenty. There was still one year to go.

Dominic got sick of waiting. He worked on a cattle ranch. He got on his horse and galloped off to Christina’s house. She came out to the gate. He bent down and scooped her up onto the horse and they careered off back to the ranch. It was so romantic. It was sort of almost like Cathy and Heathcliff stuff.

Christina and Dominic had seven children, twenty-seven grandchildren, and sixty-two great-grandchildren. They had a wonderful life. But they never got round to getting married.

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