33. I Still Got My Marbles
© Bruce Goodman 12 November 2013

Hi. I might be seventy-seven, but I still got my marbles. I might be seventy-five, as I said, but I still farm the land on my own. The thing that keeps me active and alert is my music. And I’ve always been interested in organs and have still got my own.

As a young man, out in the barn, I erected a huge organ in the loft.

Now that I’m older, seventy-six in fact, I’m not as energetic as I used to be. But I still find time for my organ out in the barn. However, old organs require constant care. Here then are a few recommendations (taken from a manual) on how to maintain and take care of it:

First of all, keep in mind that the temperature of the room has to be even. If you keep it even, your organ will be in much better shape.

The next thing is to maintain it regularly — especially before a performance. This way it will work much better.

Finally, whenever you encounter a sticky note, you have to go inside and fix it. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need a screwdriver and sometimes you will be able to regulate the action with your fingers. If you are not careful with your fingers, you can produce much damage to the organ and later a major restoration will be needed.

That’s about it. Happy playing. And I hope you still got your marbles too.

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