31. Jam Jar Lid
© Bruce Goodman 10 November 2013

Robert was unable to open the jar of jam because his wrists were too weak. Or maybe it was because the jam jar’s child-proof lid was screwed on too tight.

He bought a lid opener. He still couldn’t open the jar.

It wasn’t that he was desperate for jam, but it annoyed him that he’d paid good money for it and couldn’t get at it. Why did a jam jar have to be child-proof anyway? Did the government have nothing better to do than to legislate against children breaking into jam jars? Perhaps a child might eat all the jam and get fat.

So Robert was left with a conundrum: to throw the jar with jam away or put the jar with jam in the cupboard and forget about it?

Well, he did neither. I’ll tell you what he did. What happened was extraordinary; mind-blowing in fact; quite ingenious. More than that — if he patented his idea he’d be a millionaire.

Pardon? What you say? You think that getting the lid off a jam jar is of little importance and I’m prattling on about nothing? Okay. Suit yourself then. You’ve spoilt it for everyone. If you don’t want to know I’m not going to tell. So there. And I hope you can’t eat jam either.

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