79. Three Ducks
© Bruce Goodman 28 December 2013

Olivia had three pet ducks. They were white with yellow beaks and legs. She’d had them since they were babies.

Olivia called all three of them Madeline – Madeline, Madeline and Madeline – because they all looked exactly the same. She got two eggs a day, so she thought one of them must have been a boy (because boy duck don’t lay eggs, silly). But she still called him Madeline.

One day her mother met a lovely man, and he and Olivia’s mother started dating. Olivia and her mother moved in with the man, and he said to Olivia that she was allowed to bring Madeline, Madeline and Madeline with her. It was very exciting.

Then Olivia’s mother had a brand new baby, and she married the man. Olivia was happy.

One evening, Olivia went to the duck pen to feed Madeline, Madeline and Madeline, and the man wrung their necks in front of her.

“There are enough mouths to feed without having to feed stupid fucking ducks,” he said.

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