73. Drive carefully, dear
© Bruce Goodman 22 December 2013

Drive a bit more carefully, dear. Last year more people were killed on this section of road, than on any other bit of road in the country.

There are so many intersections and blind corners. You’d think they would have done something about it by now. Eleven people died apparently. Most in separate accidents.

WATCH THE CORNER, DEAR! Goodness! That was a bit sharp, wasn’t it?

Peggy was telling me that young Lance has the measles. German measles. It’s something everyone has to go through. That and the mumps. And chicken pox. Not so fast, dear. Look at that mad driver.

So she’s had to take time off work to look after Lance. Peggy, that is.

Do you think we... Look at that mad... IDIOT! STUPID IDIOT! Then there’s whooping cough. That seems to be making a comeback.

Do you think we should stop at the next town and pick up a few beef sausages for dinner? I hate arriving home to an empty

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