53. Fennel, a bit of a weed
© Bruce Goodman 2 December 2013

Her parents had named her Fennel, which is a pretty name for the herbaceous, feathery plant that’s nice with cooked fish. Fennel, however, grows wild along the side of the road – which led Fennel’s younger brother to refer to his teenage sister as “a bit of a weed”.

Anyway – enough of this irrelevant introduction!

Fennel went to the doctor and was prescribed a bottle of medicine. It was a 300ml bottle, and the instructions said to take 20mls twice daily.

They couldn’t find their kitchen cup to measure out 20mls. Then Fennel’s younger brother found it in the garage. Thank goodness for that!

Fennel’s father was clearing the side of the road and had borrowed the cup to measure out weedkiller.

Oh well...

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