2727. Autumn garden preparation
© Bruce Goodman 17 May 2023

It was a sunny late autumn afternoon. I was trying to prepare the vegetable garden as much as possible for the long, cold winter ahead, and then prepare for the beginning of spring. If you don’t do that the amount of work required first thing in spring is mind boggling. Of course at my age I take things fairly quietly. During this autumn preparation I prepare a little patch of garden and the following day – provided the weather is nice – another little patch.

In my younger years I would have attacked the whole garden in a single day and got the job out of the way. But these days it is “Festina lente” as the Ancient Romans used to say – Make haste slowly. It’s amazing how a small patch cleared, and another small patch, and another, quickly builds up into a sizeable area.

But none of this is what I wanted to talk about. I was digging up the little patch the other day – I suppose it was about a square metre in all – when my spade hit something hard. I thought it was pretty amazing that such a large rock could still be in the garden after years of being dug over. So I unearthed it and it wasn’t a rock at all but a human leg bone.

You know how sometimes something happens in your life and it’s quite dramatic – in fact so dramatic – that you think nothing of it and let the idea rest awhile. So I tossed the bone to the side and continued digging.

I remember doing that once when my mother – year’s ago now – gave me my father’s wallet after he had passed away. I put it aside like it was nothing and didn’t even look inside, even though I presume my mother was waiting for me to open it. It’s funny how we do things like that sometimes. I regret it now, but that was years ago as I said. You have to forgive yourself and move on.

But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to tell you… I was going to… Actually, I’ve forgotten what I was going to say.

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