2726. Be careful who you date
© Bruce Goodman 16 May 2023

I invited this woman on a date. Her name was Chantelle; except it wasn’t as I discovered later.

When I first met her - at a used car auction of all places – she had a wonderful glow about her. He face shone. “Radiant” would the word. I was head over heels in an instant. We got talking and that’s when I invited her out on a date. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. She said “Yes”.

The meal was going perfectly – I thought – when I noticed she didn’t have a knife, She was eating politely just with a fork. So I called over the waiter and asked if they would be kind enough to give the lady a knife. One quickly arrived.

When it came time for dessert, again she had no cutlery. The waiter was called and promptly supplied a fork and a spoon. It was then I noticed something. She was eating the cutlery. The more cutlery she ate the more her face glowed. In the end I couldn’t help but ask.

“What’s the story here?” I said.

“I thought you knew,” she replied. “Why else would I have been at a used car auction?”

We never dated again, but I subsequently learned her real name was something sounding extra-terrestrial and she was happily married to a Structural Steel Engineer.

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