2722. The call of nature
© Bruce Goodman 12 May 2023

What a schemozzles! Prince Athol had organized a ball – single people only – to celebrate his father’s coronation. Of course Prince Athol was single himself. He was still looking.

An example of the excitement would be Daisy Dixon. She had already changed her mind about what to wear four times. Arnie Hammersmith was less enthusiastic. Unlike the single women with their eyes on a duke there were to be no princesses to impress, but he did have his eyes on Daisy Dixon. In fact, Arnie knew he would one day win Daisy’s heart.

The ball began. How exciting! Arnie Hammersmith was about to ask Daisy Dixon for a dance when Prince Athol stepped in. The prince and Daisy danced waltz after waltz. It was very difficult for the aspirations of the other single women. It was difficult too for Arnie to watch. His resentment grew with every step the cavorting couple took.

Arnie’s moment came. The prince disappeared – it seems for a brief bathroom visit. He never returned. It was Arnie who found the prince stabbed at the urinal.

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