2679. Fruit slice
© Bruce Goodman 29 March 2023

Thelma McGarvey was well-moneyed. Her husband had died several years back and left Thelma with a substantial fortune. It had turned her into a greedy, dominating, haughty lady of position. She did little but socialize. All the household tasks were performed by paid servants. In the first two years of dictating widowhood she had fired three cooks.

Which brings us into the kitchen. Thelma, one mid-morning, barged uncustomarily into the kitchen and announced to Roger the cook that she was having important guests for afternoon tea. Some delectable slice of homemade cooking was what was needed. “And what’s this fly in the kitchen? There’s a fly on the kitchen ceiling. See to it immediately. This is gravely incoompetent.” Thelma stormed out.

For afternoon tea Roger baked a mouth-watering currant slice; two sheets of pastry with a thick layer of little black currants inside.

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