2667. On this particular day
© Bruce Goodman 17 March 2023

How rich is the tapestry of life! Hopefully this story will broaden your cultural horizon, counter any lurking ethnocentricity, and enrich your life. Below are snippets of conversations and thoughts I jotted down while celebrating with friends in a pub this afternoon.

Елизавета and Владимир were celebrating their engagement.

“I didn’t think we’d ever make it this far,” said Владимир.

“I always trusted our relationship,” said Елизавета.

Елизавета poured another glass of beer from the jug. “Would you like a refill, Владимир?” she asked.

“Yes please, Елизавета,” said Владимир.

Владимир raised his glass to make a toast. “A toast before we get the taxi home,” he said. “Here’s to St Patrick’s Day in our City of Dublin.”

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