2666. Shadows
© Bruce Goodman 16 March 2023

Clint was sitting at his desk happily typing away. He was simply answering an email from an old school friend of years back. Unexpectedly on the corner wall, just above the computer screen, a shadow of someone’s head appeared.

Clint turned and looked behind him. There was no sunshine streaming into the room through the window. There was no one standing there.

It became a bit scary to say the least. Clint resumed typing, but began to grow more afraid.

Suddenly, curved around the shadow of the head, there appeared the shadow of the curved blade of a scythe.

When his wife, Tilly, brought in a nice cup of tea, Clint was dead. Tilly tried to revive him but to no avail. She rushed to the next room to find the phone. She did not notice, but on the corner wall just above the sofa, a shadow of someone’s head appeared.

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