2630. Choosing a profession
© Bruce Goodman 5 February 2023

When I applied for this job I knew that confidentiality would be a priority. Can I bite my tongue when it comes to knowing personal details about clients? The job calls for gathering a great deal of personal information and one can’t say a word.

I could have chosen other aspects of my profession but this one held the possibility of travel or simply going here and there overnight.

I could have chosen a housework job for example; going into showers and giving everything a good clean. Or I could have done a janitor’s job and cleaned and swept a pathway or room, perhaps in a school. That could be fun.

But in the end I chose to be a toothbrush. I could be the whistle-blower of a great many secrets, I tell you, but I’m keeping my mouth shut. For example, I am Jasmine’s toothbrush and yet Nigel her brother sometimes uses me to brush the cat fur off his jacket. And Jasmine wears dental braces on her teeth and it’s quite disgusting the bits of this and that that get stuck in various nooks and crannies. Once Kevin (he’s Jasmine’s father) used Jasmine’s toothbrush in a hurry because he’d had a swig of gin and needed to clean up the smell of his breath so his wife didn’t find out.

All in all however, I believe I made the right choice when selecting a profession in the brush factory. It is deeply fulfilling. And you want to know the best part of it all? They told me I was blue but now I feel I am pink.

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