2558. Notes for a novel
© Bruce Goodman 28 October 2022

It was the start of a new academic year. There were so many exciting discoveries to be made. Who would people share their friendship with? It was the first proper break away from home! Who would meet who? What does the future hold?

There was Michael. Michael was gay and parents supported the choice. Michael was instantly attracted to Anthony.

Anthony was pansexual, also known as omnisexual or gender-blind. Anthony noticed Michael but was mainly attracted to Josie who was lesbian. Josie wasn’t just exciting; Josie was mysterious.

Imagine Josie’s disappointment upon discovering that Hazel was asexual. Hazel was interested in cuddles but little else. That is until Aiden came along.

Aiden was heterosexual but open to other possibilities. It is so disappointing when one discovers that the person they are attracted to is not normal. That didn’t stop Aiden from being attracted to Grace who was polyamorous. Aiden would have to share Grace with Andrew, Abigail and Landon.

Oh the disenchantment! Landon was heteronormal, that is, heterosexuality was considered the norm. What a bigot! Many questioned how anyone like that would ever make it all the way through primary school.

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