2537. Natalie's garden
© Bruce Goodman 7 October 2022

Natalie’s garden plans were not astronomical, but they were pretty big. They comprised several acres of undulating land with the house at the end on the highest hillock. She could look out her window and “survey the estate”.

Naturally there was a ride-on lawn mower to skim around the loveliest of fish ponds, and flower beds, and the wonderful vegetable garden beautifully cared for between two delightfully rustic garden sheds. One wouldn’t really call then “sheds”; there was wisteria hanging down the front of one, and the other had a vigorous grape.

The orchard was as productive as an orchard could get. There were plums, peaches, apples, apricots, and pears; two varieties of each so that they fruited at slightly different times in the season.

The entire property was well fenced, with automatic front gates that welcomed any visitor who wished to enter. It was perfect because Natalie had a dog that liked to roam free, and this fencing arrangement kept her dog free but at bay.

Of course, her husband maintained the vegetable garden. It was his hobby, but Natalie mowed the lawns and carried out the rest of the tasks. It was an ideal arrangement, because even though he liked gardening Adam was a busy lawyer in town. He certainly raked in enough money to support their lifestyle. Occasionally too he would trim the box hedging. It was a task that Natalie did not enjoy. Adam didn’t enjoy doing it much either, but they worked as a team and there wasn’t a great deal of box hedging anyway; just a circular hedge around the weeping flowering cherry.

Such was the perfect existence. Now all Natalie need do is make some money, buy some land, build a house, find a wealthy husband, get a dog, and begin her adventure.

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