2487. Password change
© Bruce Goodman 21 July 2022

Hugh had so many passwords for this that and the other that he decided to simplify it. He made a list of all his passwords (there were about twenty) and next to it he typed what program or institution they were for. For example, his online banking was violet3549 which was the name of an aunt and the street number when he was a kid. The password to his online medical records was sicksicksick. And so on.

He decided his password for everything was going to be honolulu71; Honolulu being where he met his wife and 71 being the year he was born. He would spend all of Sunday afternoon changing all his passwords to that. The first password change went well. The password to his favourite computer game was honolulu71. It was going to be a lot easier than he thought.

The second password change prompted him with a message: Your password must have at least one capital letter. No worries! He changed the password to Honolulu71.

The third password change prompted the message: you must use at least twelve characters and one must be a punctuation mark. Hugh changed the password to Honolulu71$#.

The fourth password change came with the message: You have already used honolulu71 previously on this site. Here are some similar suggestions to choose from… Hugh changed the password to hawaii72.

This went on all afternoon. In the end he consulted an online password creating program. He copied and pasted it into every password change. Every program accepted it. It was kjfb47fngkskHowenwlvk9309009().

He forgot to write it down.

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