2484. A two-storey house
© Bruce Goodman 18 July 2022

Desmond lived in a two-storey house. His bedroom was on the first floor.

Of course one needs to offer an explanation here. These tales have a wide and culturally diverse readership. "First floor" can mean a number of things. In some countries “First Floor” means “Ground Floor” and in other countries “First Floor” is the floor above “Ground Floor”.

Clarity is usually at the root of all writing (except poetry) so an explanation here is maybe necessary to give a clear picture of exactly where Desmond’s bedroom was situated. Who knows? Maybe one day you might want to go there.

Desmond’s house was situated amidst sprawling lawns and expansive views. Why would he have his bedroom upstairs when before retiring he would draw the curtains so that the stars wouldn’t interrupt a good night’s sleep. Surely it was better to have the living room and kitchen and dining room on the higher level so that dwellers and visitors alike could enjoy the view? Many two level houses have the sleeping quarters upstairs and goodness knows why.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Desmond’s bedroom was on the higher floor. His bedroom window looked over the expansive view previously mentioned. It was time for bed.

Desmond pulled the curtains closed and moved away. That was when a gunshot was heard and a bullet smashed his window to smithereens. If he had been still standing at the window he would have been killed. If the curtains were wide open the fractured glass would have punctured the entire room.

Now just supposing that Desmond’s bedroom was on the bottom floor and the living room was on the higher level. Desmond may have been standing at the upstairs window gazing at the night sky. He would have been shot dead like a duck. It would have been a different story altogether.

And that is the tale of a two-story house.

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