2483. Hush! Naseby is at prayer!
© Bruce Goodman 17 July 2022

Naseby was a religious man. Some thought he may have overdone the religious bit. He would spend a good hour every morning on his knees saying his prayers.

One day he was on his computer looking up to see if “Naseby” was a real name or not when he came across a link that read: Click here to download the most addictive computer game ever devised.

Naseby clicked.

He had never come across anything quite so exciting. The graphics were unbelievable. The plot was fantastic. It was certainly a challenge and utterly addicting. So enamoured was Naseby with the game that the time he put aside for prayers every morning went down the plughole.

God was abandoned.

It was then that Naseby had a vision. God appeared and said, “For every extra hour you give me in the morning I will give you an extra hour at the end of your life. Think of the computer games you could play!”

Naseby agreed. He worked out roughly that if he did an hour a day for ten years he would get about 150 extra days. He immediately spent an hour saying his prayers. He then returned to his computer game. After an hour he dropped dead.

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