The laying on of hands

Waimarama Beach,
Tues. 22/7/75.

Dear Mum & Dad & Leo,

Goodness, time seems to be flying that fast. Thanks very much for everything over the ordination period – it was a wonderful time. And for the gifts.

Since I came out here to Waimarama we have been chopping wood. We felled 6 macrocarpa trees on a nearby farm, & we’ve cut them up & carried them in the truck to our Camp; but we’ve got to cut them into useable sizes yet. So that’s kept us fairly busy.

If you find that my writing is funny, it’s because it’s so cold! I’m writing this fairly early in the morning so as to catch the mail, & the fire hasn’t warmed the room up yet.

I’ve finished writing all my letters, except for a few, & you’ve no idea how sick I am of writing letters! I received your letter Mum. I think that I have enough jerseys.

All the 7 new priests are back now, and we are all out at the Beach. Everyone’s ordination went off very well. I still haven’t had a good sleep since I came out here – it’s so damp & cold.

Congratulations to Leo for his 21st. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to come, but I hope everyone has a good time!

Well, I think I’ll sign off. We’ve got Mass in ½ an hour. There will be 7 of us concelebrating this morning, & I’m the main celebrant. When you concelebrate, each celebrant can say Mass for a different intention. I’ve got the alb out here, & use it all the time.

Must go!

Love from

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